Leader of Geoscience Services

ONYX Geo Science LTD is a Geotechnical Service Provider Company established in 2017 as a serious effort to fill in the void in the local market created by the unavailability of other local service providing companies of similar nature and attitude in contrast to the ever growing and fast accelerating earth resources exploration and exploitation industries in Sudan.



ONYX is specialized in Applied Geosciences and Related Fields: It dedicates itself to applying its knowledge, experience and up-to-date methodologies to investigate and assist interested companies and individuals to scientifically exploit the surface and subsurface resources of the Earth within the local territories and the neighbourhood. 


ONYX employs and provides highly skilled geoscientists and engineers with outstanding in-depth knowledge and experience achieved over years of employment by International Oil & Gas Companies, Ground water Prospecting & Drilling Companies, Mineral Exploration &Mining Companies and Reputed Research Institutes in Environmental Impact Assessment & Risk Management Studies.


In addition to the above, ONYX had possessed a stock of Hi-tech, high resolution equipment and tools and the best software in the market to ensure that it can fulfil its commitment to its clients. To complete the cycle, ONYX has established and equipped its own geochemical laboratory for rock sample basic analysis. This will save much time and cost. The lab includes a complete section for Gemstones testing, verification, polishing and cutting facilities.


ONYX has also gone further and established professional links and strong cooperation bonds with reputed International companies, institutes and laboratories in the same business to exchange information, experience and knowledge and even work together if necessary for the benefit of all.


ONYX does not forget its responsibility and commitment towards developing the geo-exploration sector in the country. It already had furnished grounds with active local institutes and personnel and International Professional Training Enterprises to conduct in-door short training and refreshing geotechnical courses and capacity building programs. As a positive gesture to the geotechnical arena in Sudan, ONYX has carefully designed some basic training courses and career building programs for the fresh graduates. These courses shall be conducted free of charge. ONYX, has always been fast driven and highly motivated not only by its professional commitment to providing its clients with the state of art services but also by the wish to technically prepare, orient, guide, equip and monitor the progress of these young scientists into what it hopes to be some flourishing and successful careers in the near future.