Natural Gemstones

A natural gemstone is mineral stone or organic matter that can be cut and polished or otherwise treated for use as jewellery or other ornament. A precious gemstone has beauty, durability and rarity where as a semiprecious gemstone has only one or two of these qualities. A gem is a gemstone that has been cut and polished.


Diamond, Corundum (ruby and saphire), Beryl (emerald, and aquamarine), Topaz, Tourmaline and Opal are generally classed as precious stones. All other gemstones are usually classed as semiprecious.


Each environment tends to have a characteristic suite of gem materials, but many kinds of gems occur in more than one environment. Most gemstones are found in igneous rocks and alluvial gravels, but sedimentary and metamorphic rocks may also contain gem materials.


Onyx Gemology

Onyx  geoscience services had so many expertise in many field included gemmology, Onyx had took the leadership in the field of gemmology by highly trained its staff and established the first gemstone lab and services in the country.


Sudan is one of the largest country in Africa and the most diverse country in east Africa, in terms populations, claimant and natural resources. Sudan is one of the richest country in Africa in terms precious metals and valuables minerals. (Gold, iron, copper, silver). The geological diversity had allow to create a rare opportunity in field of gemstone and color stone, our expedition, survey and studies research had indicated the present of valuable quantity and quality of gemstone in Sudan as (Sapphire, Diamond, Jade, Ruby) and other color stone.


Sudan had produced 79 tonnes of Gold in 2018 over taking south Africa in gold production.


Our Goals

  1. Bring the knowledge and the latest technologies of gemstone and the science of gemology to the market of Sudan and east Africa.

  2. To promote the educational and know how to the public by training and educating new generation of geologist.

  3. Establishing lab services to provide identification, classification to the public and private sector.

  4. Onyx plant the seed for the creation and development of Sudan geology institute working with the government and local Universities to adopt and apply the gemstone international standards.

  5. Expanding the jewelry industry by developing especial course in cutting and polishing and jewelry design.

  6. Education is essential to our success by creating educational and training opportunities in producing communities to help create employment and added value.

  7. Onyx had woman empowerment in the forefront of our mission and planning, we had created especial program for woman and gemstone and jewelry design for young woman in the field prospecting for gemstone and educational and training opportunities for free.

  8. Onyx (kids gem) is program established in partnerships with local and international intuitions to help creating curriculum to be introduced in local languages and be disbursed to schools and creating field activities to energies and inspire new generation of young geologist.

  9. Onyx has plan to establish the association of Sudanese gemstone as a channel to spread the knowledge and best practices.

  10. Onyx work to extended long distance education by building and expanding into our online platform provide affordable and accessible base knowledge.

  11. Onyx working to host the first gemstone forum and gemstone exhibition in Sudan, in partnership with private sector and ministry of energy and mining to reflect the growing and the importance of developing gemstone sectors as national resource of income and employment.


Lab testing identification and classification of gemstone

Detail report and grading


Consultation to public and private business

Jewellery design and training polishing and cutting

Educational and training courses in geological studies


  1. Register as the first gemstone and gemology in Sudan

  2. Establishing the first gemstone lab and trained geologist in country.

  3. The first private business to be awarded a claim designated for gemstone mining in country.

  4. The only designated and certified training center for gemstone in country by the ministry of energy and mining.

  5. Signing (MoU) with government of Sudan to be technical advisor to ministry of energy and mining.

Our services following the latest stander and technology to provide our customers with confident and the trust they deserve. We are looking forward to partner with our friend and afloat to improve our performance as we grow.