Ahmed Elgaili Ali

General Services Manager ,2B Operating Company

Chairman of the Board, Onyx Geosciences. Ltd 

Atif El Tayeb Mohamed Elamin

Sn. Software Engineer with The Greater Nile Petroleum Operating Company

General  Manger Of Onyx Geosciences . Ltd 

Mouhand Saeed Hussein

Senior Geophysicist with Sudanese Petroleum Corporation, Exploration Department, Sudan 

Research and Training Manger with Onyx Geosciences Company

Walid Rudwan Osman

Senior Geophysicist Seismic acquisition and Processing Qc

Marketing and Sales Manger with Onyx Geosciences Company

Ahmed Eltayeb Adam Fadoul

Business Development Manager

El Sharief Zainelabdin Eltahir

Banking and Financial institutions statistics Head Section  Policies , Research s and statistics Directorate Central Bank Of Sudan

Finance and Administration Consultant of Onyx Geoscences . Ltd

Atif Ibrahim Ahmed

Senior Geophysicist with the oil Exploration and production Authority, Sudanese Petroleum Corporation, Sudan

Field Operations Manger with Onyx Geosciences . Ltd 

Tarig Abdrahman Abbas

Exploration and Development Manager

Izzeldin Zaroug Abdelrahim

Operations Manager

Eltayeb Omer Elhaj

Co-Founder Business Development and Corporate Planning

Omer El Sharif

Founder , Business planning and development.

Senior adviser to Goldberg holding CIS- PCT- COI.

Ahmed Atayeb

Gemstone sector Manager, Onyx Geoscience. Ltd

Izzeldin Zaroug Abdel rahim

Work for RPOC as senior prospect analysis specialist under Exploration Department

Operations Manger with Onyx Geosciences. Ltd