Sudan is one of the top producer of Gold in the world anticipated to become the top producer in the world by taking over south Africa.

Onyx had took the opportunity by establishing its mining claims in 2018 in North Sudan. We named the project (STAR1), onyx had applied its expertise and knowledge to develop and survey and started in actual prospecting and producing pit, which enable us to carry on the necessary studies to develop its mining operation. Onyx had produce more than 1050 Oz of gold in 2019 in the first three month primarily exploration in our claim. ONY. had completed is core drilling studies and future development of its mining pits and operation. Our studies indicated the present of more than 1/2 tone in gold reserved. In 2020 ONYX had acquired additional 5km expansion to our gold mining claim.

In 2020 ONYX had also applied and approved to acquired the first gemstone mining claim in the country base on our primary land survey and prospecting in the claim indicated the present of valuable and quantitative gemstone.


  • 100% owned (STAR1) Gold Mine in northeast – SSUDAN.

  • Low cost, open pit mine with heap leach processing.

  • Gold recoveries of 76% with silver recoveries of 56% (2018 Feasibility Study).

  • Crushing throughput Consistently exceeding 2019 Feasibility Study of 1,00 tonnes per day (tpd).

  •  Excellent exploration upside adjacent to open pit.

  • First Gemstone claim in the country.

Location and Accessibility of Sheriek Area:

The area of pegmatite block is located in the eastern part of Bayuda Desert in the River Nile State, of Sudan. It is bounded by the Longitudes 33.30o - 33.45o E and latitudes 28.35o   - 18.55o N. it is situated east of Sheriek at the western bank of the River Nile, 500km north of Khartoum. It can be reached from Khartoum via paved road, passing through Shendi, Al Damar, Atbara, Berber and Sheriek following the eastern bank of the River Nile through the railway line from Khartoum to Halfa. Also it can be reached by following the unpaved road in the western bank of the Nile through Umm Altyoor Bridge.  

Fig (1) Location map of Sheriek area. (After Khadeja)