ONYX provides the following services

Geology & Geophysics for Earth Resources Exploration

The techniques cover the full spectrum of exploration i.e. Data Acquisition, Data Processing and Interpretation of the Acquired data utilizing previous data if any and any other available information at this final stage. The results are normally presented into comprehensive reports as per the requirements of the client. The Geological & Geophysical Exploration services cover the following:

1)   Remote sensing and GIS.

2)   Detailed Geological Surveying.

3)   Ore Deposits Prospecting, Evaluation & Exploitation

4)   Rare Elements & Precious Minerals Prospecting.

5)   Shallow Seismic Refraction.

6)   Gravity.

7)   Magnetic.

8)   EM, VLF & IP.

9)   Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveying.

10)  Core drilling and core analysis.

11)  Water Well logging.

12)  Geotechnical Consultancy, Project Management and Project Support Services.

13)  Geotechnical HSE Consultancy Services.



Site investigation studies. Micro gravity & micro magnetic surveying. Location of building & industrial materials.


Geology & Geophysics for

Groundwater & Surface water

1)   Regional gravity & magnetic

2)   Resistivity 

3)   VLF

4)   Site selection for drilling. 

5)   Groundwater quality and stability studies.

6)   Groundwater pumping and operation polices.

7)   Groundwater simulation models.

8)   Design and development of wells and well fields.

9)   Watershed Modelling.

10)  Flood Control measures 

11)  Design and operation of surface reservoirs 

12)  Surface water Contamination 

13)  Water Well logging

Environmental Services

Project Impact and Risk assessment studies

Environmental Auditing and Verification of Industrial Establishments 

Environmental Remediation & Corrective Action Studies 

Industrial Waste Management and Disposal

Site Selection, Design and Construction of Landfills

Monitoring & Management of Landfills

Monitoring & Assessment of Air and Water Quality

Technical Training

Basic Geology & Geophysics for Fresh Geoscientists & Engineers Geophysical Data Processing 

Geophysical Data Interpretation 

Geotechnical Software

Basic Environmental Science

Surveying & Navigation Instruments

An Introduction to the RS & GIS world

Short Courses Tailored to Client Requirements


Available Tools (Instruments & Software)

Lacoste & Romberg gravity meters (Model G & Model D) CG5 gravity meter.

Proton Magnetometers (Geometrics & Centrex)

Resistivity meter (imaging & sounding)

EM, IP & VLF measuring instruments.


Surveying Instruments (Total Station, Levelling and Hand-Held GPS units)

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) instrument.

Well Logger.

Water Level meter.

Drilling Unit (Auger, Percussion, Rotary, Diamond core & RC Drilling).

Sophisticated software packages that include: AutoCAD, Graphic, Surfer, Mag 2D, Grav 2d, Log Plot, Geosoft